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Do overgrown trees block sunlight from reaching your home and yard? Are you worried about hazardous, overhanging limbs hitting your roof and walls whenever it’s windy?

Trying to prune back huge branches on tall trees is dangerous without professional help.

At ECO Tree Removal Brisbane, we offer Tree Care services to tame out-of-control trees that are encroaching on your property. Our team of qualified arborists can safely access and cut back branches using aerial lifts and climbing gear.

With decades of experience, ECO Tree Removal Brisbane is the trusted local provider for quality tree lopping in Brisbane. We are fully licensed, insured and committed to 100% customer satisfaction.

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Tree Lopping Process

Here is an overview of our lopping process:

  1. Site inspection and consultation to assess your trees’ needs
  2. Safety prep work such as barricading off the area
  3. Climbing and securing trees for branch removal
  4. Systematic pruning and cutting using chainsaws or other equipment
  5. Lowering and chipping branches to dispose of debris
  6. Clean up of yard when finished
  7. Optional stump grinding if desired

All lopped debris gets recycled or offered as firewood. We leave your property clean, tidy and revitalized after removing unwanted, hazardous overgrowth.

Safety Practices

We follow strict safety protocols including traffic control plans, protective gear like helmets/boots/glasses, blocking access under work zones, certified rigging equipment, and insurance coverage.

Benefits of Tree Lopping

While lopping trees may seem destructive at first, professional service provides many benefits for your property when done right such as:

  • Lets sunlight reach your home and garden
  • Prevents damage to rooftops
  • Reduces risk of broken limbs falling
  • Improves air circulation
  • More usable yard space
  • Eliminating hazards over homes, vehicles or utilities

Always hire qualified professionals like us to minimize risks when lopping trees near homes.

Tree Maintenance

While we aim for long-lasting results with one tree lopping service, occasional maintenance may be needed over the years as trees continue to grow. Follow-up crown cleaning and hazard reduction helps sustain optimal canopy structure and health.

Signs You Need Tree Lopper

Here are some clear indicators it’s time to call our skilled arborists:

  • Tree branches brushing against or overhanging your roof
  • Palm Tree leaves and debris accumulating on your roof and gutters
  • Trees blocking sunlight or views from your windows
  • Branches interfering with power lines and electrical wires
  • Difficulty accessing parts of your yard due to low branches
  • Seeing hanging or cracked branches in trees after storms
  • Lack of air circulation and light

Take a walk around your property and inspect all trees carefully. If you spot any potential hazard, don’t wait! Contact our professional tree services.

Range of Services We Provide

We offer a complete range of tree lopping solutions:

  • Tree removal services
  • Precision pruning and trimming
  • Aerial lifts and Land clearing
  • Stump removal services
  • Canopy lifting and reduction pruning
  • Hedging and screen pruning services
  • Crown thinning

Our crew are experts at safely accessing tall branches using our equipment for aerial lift trucks, climbing gear, and pole saws.

Common Trees We Service

Our team has experience lopping all the most common tree species in Brisbane. That includes Eucalypts (gum trees), Jacarandas, Poincianas, Fig trees, Oaks etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size branches can you lop and prune?

We can trim and prune back branches of any size using proper rigging techniques. There’s no tree pruning job too big or small!

Do you use pole saws or actually climb the trees?

For high branches, we use aerial lift buckets to access the tops of trees safely. We also employ professional climbers when needed.

Do you completely remove or just trim back branches?

We consult with you whether full branch removal or just trimming/cutting back is preferable. Our priority is keeping healthy trees.

Is tree lopping safe for the trees?

Done correctly by a professional, tree lopping poses little risk to the tree’s health and promotes improved structure.

How do you dispose of lopped branches?

We recycle all wood debris. Lopped branches can be chipped or we offer the logs as free firewood.

Client Reviews

“ECO Tree Removal did a fantastic job lopping multiple huge branches from my large oak trees that were hitting my roof. Their climber was highly skilled and cut back only what was necessary to stop the damage. I highly recommend their professional tree lopping services.” – Jane D.

“The team from ECO Tree Removal showed up on time and lopped away all the scrub and branches blocking sunlight from reaching my garden beds. My yard looks neat and tidy now thanks to their great work.” – Stuart F.

“My powerlines were being hit by overgrown branches from a eucalyptus tree after a big storm. ECO Tree Removal promptly came and safely lopped away the hazardous overhanging branches so the power could stay on. Great service in an emergency situation.” – Justin R.

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